Functional Medicine Testing

Here are some of the basics.

The Dutch

This at-home urine test give us information on imbalances in sex hormones & cortisol to provide insights on sleep, mood, libido and much more.


This at-home stool test shows us if you have bad bacteria, parasites, worms or fungus in your gut. It also shows us markers of digestion, liver health and immune system strength.

Food Sensitivities

This lab blood test tells us if there are any delayed food sensitivities that could be causing your immune system to flare. I like to think of this one as low-hanging fruit to help us provide some immediate relief for inflammation, headaches, skin issues, fatigue, etc.


This at-home hair test shows us imbalances in your thyroid, adrenals, blood sugar, hormones and nervous system. It can tell us a lot about why you feel exhausted and what minerals your body is lacking. It also looks for heavy metals like mercury and lead.

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