Why Work With Me

I’ve always had a passion for helping to solve people’s problems. Whether it’s work, family, friends, partners, spouses, people feel comfortable sharing their concerns and will often come to me for advice.

My passion for health & wellness grew over the years. What started as a side hobby and personal interest grew into helping family and friends find solutions to their complicated health issues. I was always finding new podcasts, new supplements and new articles to share.

I’d climbed the corporate ladder as far as I wanted to go. That’s when I realized that I needed to turn my passion into a business. I’ve taken my no-nonsense approach to my own health and now I want to help others do the same.

I am a certified FDN-P (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner). Through assessment and medically-directed diagnostic testing, FDN offers a unique approach to health that empowers people to take charge of their own health by identifying possible root causes of symptoms, and educating them in ways to return the body to balance.

The Best Time To Start Was Yesterday

The Next Best Time Is Now

– Unknown